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New value from Japan

We provide products widely in Asia that we purchase high value-added products at reasonable price.
We invest directly to business or area expect there growth.
Offering the know-how in all Asian countries which we obtained at the distribution industry in Japan.
We are not to be tied of existing concept to create new value and prompting a new consumption.

Our Services

Our Services


We provide high-quality products, products for business use, that have been developed through our own procurement and in-house development at low intermediate costs. The company is also engaged in the wholesale sale of confectionery and other processed foods and agricultural products.

Trade Consulting


In Asian countries where market growth is expected, we are expanding our business underpinned by strong ties. We will pursue medium-term business opportunities by focusing on active trilateral trade. Now, with offices in Singapore, Bangkok (Thailand) and Bangalore (India), the business is about to sprout vigorously.

We want to bring manufacturers and consumers closer together.The current general distribution system places the highest priority on "low price" and tends to overlook "quality" and "safety". We use our knowledge and experience to purchase unique products directly from Japan and overseas by our own hands.


Our way of thinking

"Take things for granted" and "Reward the benefits you receive" This is our basic idea.
It seems easy, but I believe that maintaining this attitude in all activities is the basis of trust. We will actively challenge with passion.


Company name           NYY PTE LTD
Director                        Saran Kumar
Head Office                  2 Gambas Crescent #06-12,11,
                                      Singapore - 757044
                                      Tel : +65 6702 1394
                                      Fax : +65 6702 1395
Capital                           $400,000 SGD
Line of Business           E-commerce, Trading,
                                       Consulting, Logistics & Warehouse
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